Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Family portraits

I established a goal for myself this year. Everyone knows how much I love family research and genealogy.  I realized something about the new millennium families.  They never have time for family portraits.  Why? Because when I   researched some family stats  and realized the lady of the home was the one 50 years ago pushing the portraits or family pictures. Now the lady of the home is 40% of the bread winner and has her own career or business to run. I think my influence and showing how important pictures are for the future generations through family research.  I need to plan more around the working families to get their memories captured.  I was asked "how often should families take portraits." I would say "as often as possible and minimal once a year."

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Vinyard Wedding

Pictures only tell the story here!

Beauty at its best

I love capturing the young beauty of our teenage kids. Sweet Sixteen and Quince is where you start getting ready for the real world. I cannot say I have photographed many of these events but the ones I have photographed is pure beauty.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Photogenix is now working on Thumbtack.  this service can be used to find mostly anything. From lawn care to babysitting.  I have used some of the venders online and love them.  I myself is now a vender of Thumbtack.  visit our profile and leave your reviews. wedding photographer

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Proposal

Photogenix Images is grateful for the opportunity to witness an proposal. The future groom called me looking for a place with colors to propose to his future wife. Photogenix Images took him to the San Antonio Japanese Tea Gardens. The next day magic took place. It was very emotional and a privilege to witness such a proud and emotional moment. She said yes of course. (whew) I could not see a reason why she would have said no. What a romantic guy! The world can use more young men like him. They will be married in Guam in about 6 months to year.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Maternity and Boudior mixed?

 My Daughter's friend from high school is getting ready to have a baby and she asked me to photograph her maternity pictures.  My question to her was do you want cute and pregnant or sexy and pregnant?  she stated "sexy" .  OMG I said how can I do this?  Cute is not a hard angle to go when your an expecting mom.  Everyone thinks or says " oh how she is glowing,  she is so beautiful when she is pregnant.  Well I think we accomplish sexy and pregnant with taste.  This was a different shoot for me.  We were trying different looks but naturally she was already sexy and pregnant and sure of herself.  Her photos were perfect for her personality and her look of confidence.  You go girl!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Details and Cakes

A East Texas Wedding

Hill country Wedding

A Georgetown Christmas Wedding

Photogenix Images has added more galleries to the website. We have added a gallary of details and cakes.
one day when I was at a resturant I over heard a bride talking to her friend about all the websites she had visited looking for a  cake.  She went on to say when she visited the websites for bakeries she seen basic cakes and she knew they were staged.  She didnt bad month them or anything but her friend stated" she would go on photographers websites to see decor and how other brides were doing things such as the cakes on how they were displayed at the weddings.  Photographers websites she said tells you a lot about the newest trend in weddings and ideas of what your looking for.  This overheard conversation inspire me to at some cakes and details link into the website.  as of today it already got 45 hits and its only been up for 6 hours.  Im sure its not all from new brides but Family will tell friends and friends will tell other friends who is getting married.